NB-IoT for Filling Level Monitoring of Post Boxes or Garbage Cans

Post boxes and garbage cans are currently emptied based on a predefined schedule, regardless of filling level. Imagine the amount of time and fuel that can be saved, if the emptying would be done event-based. Wouldn’t it be great if post boxes or garbage cans could directly send a message to the operating company informing them about the filling level and in return receiving information of when it can be emptied?

A solution could be provided by a smart filling level monitoring system with sensors attached, tracking the filling level post boxes or garbage cans. The status will be sent to the operating company enabling it to fix a time to execute the emptying. In addition to this, the system can also provide route optimizations and operational analytics, thus reducing operational costs.

What is the benefit of doing this with NarrowBand-IoT (NB-IoT)? The main benefits are low device costs, ultra-low power consumption and extended coverage, enabling the installation of a cost-efficient, long-lasting sensor system with low maintenance effort – also in rural areas. Location of post boxes or garbage cans can be tracked using location based services in NB-IoT.

NB-IoT monitoring systems for filling level of post boxes are still a vision of the future, but might help someday to optimize emptying times and to save resources. NB-IoT based waste management solutions are already in development.

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