Our Mission – Enabling Massive IoT

Have you ever wondered, how we are able to fly to Mars but still have to worry if there is oncoming traffic on a winding, hilly road, why we need to wait ages for a doctor’s appointment to get initial answers on medical conditions or even just where we put our wallet?

What if a reflector post could send out warn signals on oncoming traffic? Or if there would be devices that could measure your medical condition and send it to a place where it could be analyzed and interpreted? Or if your wallet could post its position frequently to your mobile?

There are a lot of visionary ideas and they can become reality with access to information made available by smart devices connected to the Internet. The requirements of such devices towards communication technology are very similar:

  • They have to be able to operate many years on a single battery or even live from energy harvesting.
  • They have to be reachable in any country of the world through a reliable and secure network which is capable of handling the coexistence of massive amount of devices.
  • They have to also be reachable in challenging areas like basements, tunnels and remote rural areas.

To meet this, the IoT market needs access to reliable Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) enabled by highly optimized and easy to integrate communication solutions.

We are committed to enabling great ideas by creating innovative communication solutions tailored to the needs of the emerging IoT market. Our mission is to provide leading edge ultra-low power modem solutions allowing every sensor to be connected to the Internet. Integrated into customer integrated circuits (ICs), our modem enables smart applications that modernize and enrich our life in areas like health care, smart home, transport, logistic systems, or industrial applications in order to make life more secure and processes more efficient and sustainable.

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