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EETimes Europe, 2020/07/22: Goodix’s CEO Scans the Future of Biometric Sensing

Reasearch and Markets, 08/2020: Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) Chipset Market with COVID-19 Impact

EENews Europe, 2020/03/19: Wake up signal test for improved power efficiency in NB-IoT devices

Embedded Computing Design, 2020/03/19: Rohde & Schwarz Supports Wake Up Signal Test for Power Efficiency in NB-IoT Devices

Android Headlines, 2018/05/02: Goodix 2017 & Q1 2018 Brief Highlights Sustained Growth

EETimes, 2018/03/01: NB-IoT Raises its Volume at MWC

TechInsights, 2018/03/01: Hello Barcelona: TechInsights at Mobile World Congress 2018

EngineerLive, 2018/02/28: IoT positioning improves

Mobile World Live, 2018/02/27: Goodix Technology CEO David Zhang gave an interview to Mobile World Live TV at MWC2018

PT-Magazin, 2017/10/13: Hidden Champions im Osten der Republik – Von Seilexperte bis Kranspezialist

Digital Journal, 2017/09/13: 2017 Global Narrowband Iot Chipset Market: Commsolid, Qualcomm Incorporated and Vodafone Group

The Linley Group, 2017/09/05: Commsolid IP Simplifies NB-IoT

everythingRF, 2017/06/28: Solutions Used to Certify NB-IoT Products for Global Deployment

CIE Components in Electronics, 2017/06/28: Commsolid and Rohde & Schwarz completed first NB-IoT GCF test campaign

EE Design News Europe, 2017/06/27: Test reports for initial narrow-band IoT wireless connectivity

Evaluation Engineering, 2017/06/27: Commsolid, Rohde & Schwarz complete NB-IoT GCF test campaign

Electronics Media, 2017/06/27: Commsolid and Rohde & Schwarz completed first NB-IoT GCF test campaign

Electronic Engineering Journal, 2017/06/27: Commsolid and Rohde & Schwarz completed first NB-IoT GCF test campaign, 2017/06/27: Commsolid: Erste NB-IoT GCF Testreihe

Silicon Saxony, 2017/06/27: Commsolid: First NB-IoT GCF Test Campaign

Design&Reuse, 2017/06/20: Commsolid NB-IoT IP solution successfully demonstrated in partnership with Keysight Technologies, 2017/03/21: Cellular IoT Market to Advance Successfully Tackling the Shortcomings in the Near Future

Semiconductor Engineering, 2017/03/08: The Case For Narrowband-IoT

IoT Newsletter, 2017/03/03: Why is Cadence Tensilica Fusion F1 the ideal DSP for IoT devices find out here

Elektronik Praxis, 2017/02/25: Schmalband-IoT unterstützt Bienenzüchter und Energiedienstleister

Design&Reuse, 2017/02/24: Commsolid Unveils Market’s First Integration-Ready NarrowBand-IoT Modem IP Solution, 2017/02/23: New Protocol (NB- IoT) Requires New DSP IP and New Business Model

Design&Reuse, 2017/02/23: Commsolid and Rohde & Schwarz Collaborate on NarrowBand IoT and its Evolution

Absatzwirtschaft, 2017/01/05: Start-up-Serie: Sachsen holt auf

EETimes Europe, 2016/11/29: NB-IoT connection demonstrated at benchtop scale

egypt Business Directory, 2016/11/07: Narrowband Iot Chipset Market – Newer Technology That Will Help In Better Indoor Coverage

RP Online, 2016/10/28: Vodafone baut neues Erfinderlabor

Oiger – Neues aus Wirtschaft und Forschung, 2016/10/18: Hightech-Gründer ringen in Dresden um Risikokapital

WhatTech, 2016/10/06: Report explores the narrowband IoT market (NB-IoT) dominated by telematics & vehicle tracking applications growing at 61.06% CAGR to hit USD 181.02 million by 2022

Wirtschaftswoche, 2016/09/15: Unbekannte Start-ups: Die Hidden Champions aus Ostdeutschland

electronica blog, 2016/08/31: STARTUP: Narrowband goes through the roof

Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, 2016/07/21: Funkchips für das Internet der Dinge

Finsmes, 2016/07/20: Cellular IoT IP Company Commsolid Completes First Funding Round, 2016/07/20: Commsolid sichert sich Finanzierung

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