NB-IoT for Monitoring Systems on Sound Conditions of Public Sanitations

Certainly, it has already been observed somewhere by most of us – public sanitations that are unsuitable and unhygienic because of congestion or defects. Wouldn’t it be great, if there would be a monitoring system observing functionality and sound conditions of public sanitations, providing the operating company with notifications when corrective actions during non-service-times become necessary?

A solution could be provided by a smart sanitation monitoring system with sensors attached, capturing transmissibility and functional status of public sanitation equipment. The status will be sent to the operating company enabling it to take corrective actions if necessary. In portable public toilets, NB-IoT enabled sensors can track leakages, usage, waste cartridges’ fill levels, GPS location and enable automated message to emptying service providers.

What is the benefit of doing this with NarrowBand-IoT (NB-IoT)? The main benefits are low device costs, ultra-low power consumption and extended coverage, enabling the installation of a cost-efficient sensor system – also in rural areas.

NB-IoT sanitation monitoring systems are still a vision of the future, but already under investigation and might help someday avoiding disaster or painful situations.

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