NB-IoT for Emergency Warning Systems in Clothing

We all know very well that the holiday season is not only a time for recovery and relaxation, but also for heavy meals. Somehow, we can ignore the weighing scale during the holidays. But when the holiday season comes to an end and you enter the weighing scale, it gnaws at your conscience. This is the time when New Year’s resolutions are born. Sportswear is dug out of the wardrobe and sportspersons populate the forest paths, regardless of the state of health. Wouldn’t it be great, if there would be a health monitoring system embedded in the sports wear alerting selected contacts or a rescue service in case of emergency?

A solution could be provided by smart health monitoring systems in clothing, capturing and recording the health status. In emergency case, a cry-for-help-message will be sent to selected contacts or even to a rescue service.

What is the benefit of doing this with NarrowBand-IoT (NB-IoT)? The main benefits are smallest size and low device and maintenance costs, enabling the implementation of a cost-efficient and comfortable solution in clothing. Another benefit is extended coverage enabling the alert functions also in signal challenging areas.

NB-IoT health monitoring systems are still future visions, but might help some day to protect health and life.

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