NB-IoT for Monitoring Systems for Gullies

Imagine, in the street you are living the gullies overflow after every heavy rain and that it takes hours until mud and water drain away. Not to mention the stench. Wouldn’t it be great, if gullies could directly send a message to the operating company in case of congestion or malfunction?

A solution could be provided by a smart gully monitoring system with sensors attached, capturing transmissibility and filling level of a gully. The status will be sent to the operating company enabling it to take corrective actions if necessary.

What is the benefit of doing this with NarrowBand-IoT (NB-IoT)? The main benefits are low device costs and ultra-low power consumption, enabling the installation of a cost-efficient sensor system with low maintenance effort and long battery life time.

NB-IoT gully monitoring systems are still a vision of the future, but might help someday increasing the cleanliness in cities.

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