NB-IoT for Monitoring Systems in Silos

Imagine, you are a farmer storing your complete grain harvest of a year in a silo until it will be sold or picked up. To ensure a high-quality level you need to observe not only the filling level, temperature and humidity, but also rotting and pest infestation. Wouldn’t it be beneficial, if there would be a monitoring system observing all these quality attributes of the grain in your silo, providing you with notifications when storage conditions change?


A solution could be provided by a smart silo monitoring system with sensors attached, collecting and evaluating the grain quality relevant data. The status will be sent to the farmer enabling him to take corrective actions if necessary.

What is the benefit of doing this with NarrowBand-IoT (NB-IoT)? The main benefits are low device costs, ultra-low power consumption and extended coverage, enabling the installation of a cost-efficient, long-lasting sensor system with low maintenance effort – suited for rural or signal challenging areas.

NB-IoT silo monitoring systems are still a vision of the future, but might help someday securing the grain quality status during the complete chain from harvest to bread.

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