Running High

It’s 12:00 noon – lunchtime – and for most colleagues there is only one important matter to discuss: cafeteria or bakery? Yet recently, seven of our colleagues had other things in mind at this time, that is running together in the “Dresdner Heide”. Meeting twice a week during lunch to go running in the forest, the colleagues were on a mission to prepare themselves for a big upcoming event.

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On the 8th of June, the 8th annual REWE Team Challenge started with unbelievable 16,000 attendees including 2 teams from Commsolid. And we are proud of our guys and gals who all achieved great results thanks to their hard and diligent training. It was truly a fantastic event and an unforgettable challenge for our teams. At the end of the day all were sure of one thing – to return and be a part of this great event next year!

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