Commsolid Q1 – Operation Started – Working Mode Achieved – First Growth

The first quarter was quite fun and exciting for us. We started our very first day with an… outdoor hiking event! Back in December when the first plans for our Day 1 event have been made, this sounded like a brilliant idea (given that we had average temperatures of about 15°). Unfortunately, January brought something which is pretty near to a German winter, so we had to dress warmly.
As the first highlight at our hiking tour through the near Dresden Heath, we explored some rocket science. It was truly impressive to see what you can do with as little as a plastic bottle, some water and a lot of air.

Andreas preparing the water rocket...

Preparing the water rocket…

...which soon after took off :-)

…which soon after took off.

Sausages == Fire == Warmth :-)

Sausages == Fire == Warmth 🙂

After another tour through the woods, we arrived at our destination area at the near climbing park, where we planned to have a barbecue session. Here we finally got some real fire (not only do we have only few friends of raw sausages, but this was a welcome source of warmth). So it was time to lean back and enjoy some food together.
By the way: It is well known that startups often spend their first days and weeks of life in a garage. But… have you ever heard about a company which was founded in a youth hostel? No? Now you have. While not exactly a garage, the feeling was probably quite comparable to one and so we too had the pleasure to enjoy some improvisation.
After some days the setup of our office and working environment was complete and the coffee machines were installed and running – unleashing our creativity fully.
In February we went to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress to meet our customers, partners and affiliates. It was again a great fair providing an impressive insight into the latest and greatest developments in the global cellular and IoT markets.

Before the fun, our new Kicker needed to be assembled...

Before the fun, our new Kicker needed to be assembled…

...and right after, the fun began ;-)

…and right after, the fun began.

Another highlight in our office was the installation of our new Kicker. Of course we assembled and brought it up by ourselves. Regular training sessions during breaks and first matches were already executed.
In the first quarter we already welcomed new employees to strengthen our team and of course to increase the number of cake-able events. We still have open positions. So if you are a skilled engineer seeking for new challenges or if you want to collect practical experiences during master or PhD studies – just browse our job offers!


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