CommSolid CSN130

Baseband IP Explicitly Designed for NB-IoT

CommSolid CSN130 is a complete ultra-low power baseband IP (Intellectual Property) for cellular IoT consisting of hardware (RTL) and software stack.

CSN130 has been explicitly designed for the NB-IoT standard defined by 3GPP as part of Release 13. CommSolid’s revolutionary implementation approach allows for a complete new design utilizing the advantages of NB-IoT – turning it to a solution with an extremely small footprint and with ultra-low power consumption. By using a smart integration concept, CSN130 provides a high level of flexibility needed for the variety of NB-IoT use cases and applications.

Tailored for Ultra-Low Power Cellular Communication

Smart devices need to operate everywhere. CSN130 leverages the existing cellular network infrastructure and its site density. On top it provides an improved link budget of 20dB compared to LTE, WCDMA or GPRS. Based on this, devices at any place in the world – also in signal challenging areas like basements, tunnels and remote rural areas – can be reached.

The variety of use cases and applications is endless – the same applies for kind and size of devices used for it. CSN130 provides the flexibility to support the variety of use cases and is size optimized to fit in any kind of device – no matter how small it is. In addition, it supports enhanced power saving procedures for long and efficient sleep times. This enables cellular communication with ultra-low power consumption securing long battery life and reducing maintenance.

Supported 3GPP Features

  • 3GPP NB-IoT Release 13, Cat NB1
  • 20 dB coverage extension compared to LTE, WCDMA or GPRS
  • Single-tone and multi-tone uplink transmission
  • Control plane CIoT EPS optimization
  • User plane CIoT EPS optimization (optional)
  • Multi PRB
  • Support for all TX power classes & RF bands

Ready for System-on-Chip (SoC) Integration

CommSolid’s CSN130 is a complete baseband solution. It provides a flexible architecture and comes along with all interfaces and documentation needed for an easy and seamless integration. CSN130 is verified on a reference platform and is delivered with predefined test cases.

CSN130 is an NB-IoT baseband IP designed for embedded customer solutions, starting from slim modems through simple SoCs with integrated RF and sensor interfaces up to complex SoCs with application processors and multi-mode wireless support.

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