website_header_a1_molecule.svgOur team of brilliant engineers is always out to seek new challenges. Our motto:

connecting . amazing . things


Whether for state-of-the-art wireless communication solutions or highly integrated mobile solutions – we support you in realizing your system development. Our portfolio ranges from the definition of product requirements and hard- and software architecture through the creation of algorithms, hardware descriptions, FPGA platforms and related boards to the development of concepts and tools for system trace generation and evaluation.


The global wireless and mobile markets are evolving very fast and you as a provider of integrated mobile solutions need to be fast and innovative to stay competitive. We have the experts to support you in differentiating your products with new and unique features.


Following wireless and mobile solutions for communication and data exchange between people – the next step will be the exchange of data and information between things. With experience of more than a decade at the forefront of the wireless communication business we have the knowledge and the experience to consult and support you in definition and development of your solutions for the emerging IoT market.

The CommSolid team has a vast experience in wireless modem development, and in particular 8 years in LTE modem development and productization with main activities on:

  • Defining product requirements in cooperation with customer
  • Developing a tailored hardware and software architecture
  • Breaking down product level requirements into hardware, software and firmware specifications
  • Developing outstanding algorithm concepts for estimation, detection, and signal processing
  • Developing the hardware description in RTL following the architecture
  • FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) based validation platforms
  • Developing ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) test boards and form factor boards
  • Developing concepts and tools for system trace generation and evaluation
  • Analyzing lab and field test trace records to resolve functional & performance issues
  • Optimizing power consumption and throughput performance

With the wealth of experience collected in more than a decade in the wireless and mobile business CommSolid is optimally prepared to support provider of highly integrated solutions to differentiate their products with unique features and also to expand their portfolio to other technology and standards.

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