Software Technology Intern: Full Stack Web Developer (f/m/d)

Task Summary

CommSolid is seeking for enthusiastic interns and working students. We are running several different internal web services of varying complexity. For further development and maintenance of existing services but also development of new solutions we are looking for a Full Stack Web Developer.

Your Responsibility

  • Independent implementation of new features in existing web applications.
  • Independent development of new web applications based on given requirements.
  • Maintenance of existing applications such as fixing known bugs or updating used libraries.

Your Profile

  • Experience with one of the following JavaScript libraries: Vue.js / React / Angular.
  • Experience with a Frontend-CSS-Framework like Buefy (Bulma) / Bootstrap.
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Experience with Python or another object-oriented programming language.
  • [Ideally]: Experience with the Python Webframeworks: FastAPI / Flask

Task Description

In our company we run several self-developed web applications for special internal requirements. For example, one of the applications provides an overview of the current status of the test hardware currently in use, while another enables the structured storage of measured values from various sources. In order to drive the further development forward, we are looking for student support.

Our applications use Python FastAPI as the backend framework and Vue.js + Buefy (Bulma) for the frontend. Some experience with these frameworks would be desirable but also experience with similar frameworks like React or Bootstrap would make it more easy to get started.

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